The Bonazzoli Band

A few quotes from the press about The Bonazzoli Band

With the genre mashup that Bonazzoli and his band have created, fans of real rock music will be psyched to hear the CD.  

-Alex Kantarelis   Pulse Magazine

Some of the finest songwriters to come out of the indie music scene in a long time.

-Michael Stonatto    East Coast Music

While Matt has the amazing ability to croon out like he’s auditioning for the Rat Pack, he can also let loose and rock out.

-Joe Stone  Boston Rock Magazine

Bonazzoli’s CD is flat out excellent and will effortlessly hook you into it’s retro pop melodies.

-Pat Harper  Rock Life Magazine

Many people are finding a welcome friend in Bonazzoli’s Music. article

Songs so heartfelt that fans may just go home and cry listening to this disk in a darkened room.

-Mike Cantriss  Worcester Rock Press

Bonazzoli penned a diverse batch of straight-up rockers, shifting tones and moods (that's where the detail work comes in) to create an album that flows from fast 'n' furious to mellow 'n' meditative.

-Worcester Telegram and Gazette

...exceptionally listener-friendly and will appeal to a wide audience range, particuarly fans of modern rock.

-Worcester Magazine

An Excellent sounding and well written set of tunes.

-Top of the Pop e-zine

Good hooks, strong vocals, lots of guitars and catchy lyrics make this a pleasing package.

-Boston Noise

Bonazzoli can out sing the best of them and his clever music mashup has a style all it’s own.

-Florida Music News

The fact that Mr. Bonazzoli and his band are not on a major label shows how dismal the industry has become.

-The Week in Music

An amazing undiscovered talent.

-Indie Music Monthly