The Bonazzoli Band

A Brief History of the Bonazzoli Band



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   For over 25 years Matthew Bonazzoli and been writing, performing and recording music.  After studying voice to perfect his technique he began to gradually develop his own unique style.  His first recordings were with the critically acclaimed heavy alternative art-rock band Innocent Victim where he co-wrote the compositions with his brother, guitarist Damian Bonazzoli.   Following this Matthew branched off on his own and formed his new band Gearhead.  Says Matthew “the idea behind Gearhead was to combine modern rock with 1960’s acid rock and a smooth Roy Orbison vocal technique and blend it into accessible, catchy songs”.   The formula worked and the band played all over the New England club circuit from the late 1990’s until 2004.    The band recorded two award winning albums and won titles such as Artist of the Year 1999, Album of the Year 2001 and Live Act of the Year 2002.   

     In this period Matthew also took the time to record the Alternative Art Rock album Fragments with his brother Damian as well as to score two independent films. 

    In 2004 Matthew moved to Florida and a chance meeting with fellow transplant and pianist Patrick Thompson led to the next evolution in the Gearhead sound and would be the foundation of The Bonazzoli Band.  Patrick is a rag time piano player right out of the Roaring 1920’s.  The two found a shared interest in 1940’s swing as well and after a few impromptu jam sessions the two realized they had a brand new sound.    The final addition to the creative lineup was adding guitarist Damian Bonazzoli to the band.  Damian's style is more of a 1970's hard rock and his virtuosity and energy help propel the songs to different levels. 

   After two years of writing and perfecting their style, the band went into the studio to record the first Bonazzoli Band album.  This, and their subsequent albums combined  the best of 20th Century Music into a 21st Century alternative.  Songs contained hints or Rock, Blues, Swing, and Country, sometimes all at once.  

    The band has since released three critically acclaimed, award winning full length studio albums and continues to break new boundaries wth their musical genre mashups.